Frida Kahlo doll - soft fabric doll - cloth doll

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Frida Kahlo doll - soft fabric doll - cloth doll

Recognizable by her bold eyebrows and her eccentric attitude, Frida Kahlo was unlike any other artist. She didn't care to fit with the norm, she subverted to the concept of femininity and the idea that beauty meant having only Euro-centric features. Kahlo acknowledged her insecurities and her flaws, and she created life and beauty out of them.

Join the Kahlo mania with this little unique handmade doll. A thoughtful gift for girls of any age too ;) 


Specification: 25 cm doll made of high quality 100% cotton fabric with 100% cotton yarn for hair. She has felt and fabric trim embellishments. Her eyes and eyebrows are hand painted wit fabric paint. She is filled with hypoallergenic Polyfil. The doll is very safe to play and can be gorgeous as bedroom/ nursery decor.


* IMPORTANT NOTE: You can ask for customized dolls. I can make different hair types and colours and change the clothes patterns. I can also send you more than 1 doll with only 1 shipping fee and Express post if you like. Please just send me a message and we can discuss everything. Thank you!