Beach Gal - Cloth doll - Tilda style doll

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Beach Gal - Cloth doll - Tilda style doll

This is a funky and very charming 23 cm cloth doll in Tilda doll style. If you are looking for a fun handmade gift to surprise someone, the Beach Gal is the best!

She is also great to decorate kids bedroons and nurseries.




The doll is made of high quality cotton fabric. Her hair is a 100% hand spum and hand dyed Australian wool.
Her arms are flexible and you can use with or without the beach buoy. Everything is filled with a hypoallergenic polyester filling.
This doll doesn't have small parts and it is very safe for small kids to play. It is also a great gift for adults as well!

* IMPORTANT NOTE: You can ask for customized dolls. I can make different hair types and colours and change the clothes patterns. I can also send you more than 1 doll with only 1 shipping fee and Express post if you like. Please just send me a message and we can discuss everything. Thank you!