The family has grown



The Mohair & Silk family has grown

A few months ago a photographer friend of mine asked for a customized bonnet for a newborn photo session. She needed something that was classic and fancy, with texture and neutral hues.
Until then I was only used to make crochet props and was teaching myself how to knit. I was sure that this order asked to be knitted to meet her needs. And after about 876.000 tutorials and many weeks of trial and error the Fancy Lace and Pearls Bonnet was born and so was my passion for knitting. It was super challenging but a pleasure to make at the same time!

Fancy lace and pearls bonnet

It ended up becoming my best seller. I’m always creating new pieces, ending others but this one is always there, to be timeless. The pictures my clients share with me from babies using this bonnet are always stunning and they inspired me to ” increase the family “.

From the same yarn and using the soft hues I created the snuggle sacks. They match the bonnets and complete the set.

Mohair and silk baby snuggle sack

This basic beanie is an extra option. It is useful because you can have a set for both boys and girls.

Mohair and silk simple beannieMohair and silk fancy unisex baby set





This is the set in antique pink. Following the same style I used girly embellishments such as pearls and flowers. It is also a great option to go with the beige one in twin girls photo sessions. And you have the option to purchase only the bonnet or only the sack in antique pink as well.
mohair_silk_set_antique_pinkFancy fabric flower and pearl bonnet







I hope you enjoy them. They were created for the little ones with lots of love!

Stay tuned. Thursday I’ll post my first tutorial, the Click Buddies. Next week more shop novelties are coming to the blog.

See you soon,

Helena xx


* it’s always good to reinforce that those particular  pieces are great for photography sessions when the baby is supervised all the time. They are not safe as a baby everyday wear. The little holes in the patterns are dangerous for little one’s fingers and toes.

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