The CLICK BUDDY – with free tutorial


Yeah, I know… Photographing babies and kids can be a real adventure. Most of the times a hard one :S   It can be difficult to get that perfect shot when your little model won’t sit still, won’t smile, or will only smile like their cheesy camera face.


Children photography is quite challenging but it can be fun too! There are many tips over there such as “have patience”;  “be quick”; “choose your focus mode carefully” or “get down to their level”. Tips are always welcome and they can help a lot.

I personally believe that there is a simple one which is the most effective: MAKE IT FUN! They can participate of the session if you show them how the photos are going or let them take some pictures of you for a change. Never, ever say “cheese” and chat it up. You can ask some silly questions, join their world and make them feel at home. If possible, try to photograph them outside and let them be. If they feel at home you have real happy faces and great moments to capture.

A funny prop always helps and you can even make your own one. Today I’m sharing with you a tutorial for making a special CLICK BUDDY out of fabric and felt scraps They are so easy and quick to make! Just click bellow, make your CLICK BUDDY, connect it in your camera lenses and  and have fun!








What about you? Do you have your own special tip when photographing kids? I’d love to know!

Helena xx


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