Heirloom doll - cloth doll - fabric and wool doll

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Heirloom doll - cloth doll - fabric and wool doll

This is a lovely doll made with lots of details! This 40cm high doll and her clothes are made using high quality 100% cotton fabric, adorned with lace.

Her hair is 100% Australian pure, handspun and hand-dyed wool, styled in a high bun.

Her collar/shawn is crocheted using cotton yarn and finalized with cotton tassels.

She has pink painted shoes with real laces.

Millie is machine and hand sewn with care. Her arms and legs are flexible. She doesn't have any small detachable pieces, being safe for kids of any age to play.


Care instructions: Always clean your doll using a small vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth. If it has a stain you can hand wash the affected area. Never put your doll in a washing machine.


I can also send you more than 1 doll with only 1 shipping fee and Express post if you like. Please just send me a message and we can discuss everything. Thank you!