Pink & Zelda

In October of 2014 we adopted Pink. She had been abandoned in the RSPCA without any information about her. Veterinarians estimated her age as approximately two years old and they said she had been a mother recently and was separated from her kittens during the first days. They treated and spayed her and she was still recovering, with a very swollen belly when we first meet her. We heard her meowing at us when we moved around and it was love at first sight. She chose us and we couldn’t resist to that white cat with pink nose and ears. Pink was needy and scared, afraid of everything


photoGradually she was adapting to our quiet house and our little family. We haven’t received many visits and she was feeling safe in that calm atmosphere. She followed me all day while my husband was at work and my son at school, supervising my housecleaning, calling me to play or lying around when I was sewing.




After five months we moved to another house and we thought it was the ideal time to adopt the second one. Pink always loved to play so we decided to bring a kitten into our new home. I wanted a tortoiseshell and soon I discovered Zelda – thanks Caroline  She was only five months, born in a foster house surrounded by several other kittens and much love. Zelda had a very different start of life and still had more energy than Pink With huge, curious eyes she explored everything, afraid of nothing. She ate everything she saw ahead and loved chasing a ball of paper. Her name was Milo but we prefer to change for Zelda, named after one of  my son’s favorite video games.



Even after everything we read about the slow introduction of a new cat in the family, we decided to introduce them to each other immediately. We had a feeling that they could get along but it was even better than we expected. They didn’t show any sign of aggression. In a couple of day they were already playing, eating and sleeping together. It looked like they had been born together and that they’ve been best friends since forever!



photo 1

IMG_8089Now it’s been four months that Zelda is with us but it seems that she’s lived here for years! They never leave each other and follow us around the house all day. _MG_8132Pink is still very reserved but now trust us completely. She has a special bond with me. Lay in my lap when I’m watching TV, purring like a purr machine and wakes me up every day, before the time that I would, just to be around. Zelda has the energy of a toddler, the hunger of a teenager and the lowest and cutest meow in the world! She loves getting onto high places and sleeping under our blanket. Despite spending most of the day indoors, they stroll with me in the yard a few times a week. They are always around me, eating grass, exploring, hunting insects and are totally terrified of birds. They sleep together at the foot of our bed, groom each other and play of wrestling, running around the house and jumping on all the furniture. They are inseparable now.

They are my daily life and take part in everything that I do, stealing my patterns, attacking my yarns, sleeping on my sewing machine … I had to introduce them properly to you because they will always be here with us

Have a great week!

Helena xx

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