Newborn sets and a beachy winter


There are many cold regions in Australia. It’s snowing in Tasmania, Victoria and even in New South Wales.
The thing isimage.adapt.1663.medium we live in Queensland, the famous “sunshine state”.

We have some cold nights here, even mornings, but you can see kids walking to school in shorts without jackets, and people wearing thongs all the time or no shoes at all.

It is a very relaxing winter.  This year I knitted a couple scarves for myself and used them only once each.

So, what could be more suitable for the aussie newborn photo sessions than those winter sets? The chunky ombré bonnets are so beachy and the short pants could be for any season if they weren’t made from wool. They look comfortable and welcoming, I love their texture!


You can find both in my Etsy Shop, here and here.

How is the weather in your region? Are you in the sunny north hemisphere summer?
At the end of this week I’ll post another tutorial about how to make simple baby crochet shoes.

See you soon

Helena xx

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