I’m Helena, a lucky woman who lives in Brisbane with a handsome, supportive and very special husband and a brilliant big-hearted pre-teen son.

When we first came to Australia from Brazil I was feeling a strong need to change and renew everything. I was tired of wasting most of my time in a boring office. At the same time I was afraid because I had left my comfort zone. I was living in a place with a different culture, a different language and my 40th birthday was very close – a terrible thought for someone who always was “running late”. My best friends who filled my life were so far away, my boys were digging their own ways in this new life and I needed to find something to bring joy and to challenge my days. I spent several months studying, researching and sometimes running away for fear but always learning so many  things!

Then I discovered my love for yarns and fabrics and in 2013 A Thing or 2 was born. Since then I’ve been knitting and crocheting prop pieces for newborn photo sessions. I adore working for babies! Now I am also sewing clothes for them and creating bags for adults. And lots of other projects have begun to create life and develop in my mind. My virtual shop, my market plans… There was so many that I decided to create this blog. Here I hope to share my ideas and meet other people around the world who also cannot rest on thinking and creating.

pink&zeldaAnd we have 2 furry babies that turn our house upside down and complete our small family – our kitties Pink & Zelda. They will be here too, for sure.

I wish you can join me, share your thoughts and stay for a while. I would love to know more from you too! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and (my favourite so far) Pinterest. 

Helena   xx

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