A free sewing tutorial to create cute photography helpers




  • 18″x 6″ (45 x 15 cm) of the fabric you prefer – I used cotton quilt fat quarters (1 fat quarter makes 3 CLICK BUDDIES);
  • 4″ (10 cm) of 1/4″ wide elastic;
  • felt scraps, ribbons, yarn scraps and whatever you want to embellish your buddy.

Step 1 – Cut a piece of  fabric 18″x 6″ (45 x 15 cm).


Step 2 – Fold your fabric in half along the longest edge with right sides facing and pin. Leaving 1/2″ at either end, stitch on the sewing machine leaving a 1/2″ seam allowance.
* I’m using a contrasting colour thread only for tutorial purposes. You should use a matching thread so your work will look neat.







Step 3 – Turn out the 1/2″ edges and finger ( or iron) press them.

tutorial_click_buddies_4 tutorial_click_buddies_5






Step 4 – Turn the tube right side out making sure the pressed edges are still folded.


Step 5 – Thread the elastic through the tube using either a safety pin or hair grip (bobby pin)  making sure to keep hold of one end, scrunch up the tube of fabric as you go.


Step 6 – Hand stitch the ends of the elastic together or simply tie a knot.


Step 7 – Overlap the ends and top stitch or hand stitch them together,
tutorial_click_buddies_18 tutorial_click_buddies_19





Step 8 – Now that it looks like a donut, all you need to do is decorate it as you like using all the scraps of material you have – felt, ribbons, yarn, buttons… the possibilities are endless! Fit it in your camera lenses and have fun!!!



* You are welcome to sell the products made from this tutorial for charity or profit as long as you don’t sell or reproduce the written tutorial. I do ask that you please share the photos of your finished products here.